Previous Projects


In 2013 RM Training have been working closely with London Youth running a Entry Level 3 qualification on a project called VIY. This is a project set up and funded by the Lottery which puts money back into community and gives young people a chance to volunteer and getemployability qualifications. The tasks the young people complete is usually to decorate their local youth club, this gives them a chance to be shown how to use various tools correctly under the supervision of our valuable mentors. 


This year we have started a new project with John Haynes the founder of the Hanyes Owner Workshop Manuals, this is a completely new project for us and it involves young people restoring a vehicle. We have fully qualified mechanics working alongside the learners to show them exactly what they should do and how to troubleshoot problems, as well as assessors watching them work to give them various employability qualifications which they could use to help them get them courses and other projects in the future.

Haynes Project

Haynes Prep