T.A.Q.A. / C.A.V.A.Courses

TAQA Courses

This is a City and Guilds Qualification, the purpose of the course is to train assessors and quality assurance assessors into obtaining the up-to-date qualifications and standards. The course will help trainers, assessors, teachers and facilitators into developing skills to support and guide learners. 

T.A.Q.A is a fairly new award and was put in place to replace the existing A1/A2/V1/V2 units, the levels available in the award are Levels 3 and 4. It gives Assessors, people who conduct Internal Quality Assurance and Teachers a chance to improve their current skills and qualifications as well as gaining an extra national recognised qualification. 

The Modules on the course are based on both knowledge and competence. The knowledge can be completed by anyone who has a good understanding about the qualification as it allows them to acquire more knowledge and information about the role, however the competence modules will require you to complete learning outcomes for each individual module.

The ideal job role for someone to complete this course would be:

- Assessors

- Teachers

- Trainers

- Tutors

- Quality Assurance/ Managers

- Internal Verifiers