Management & Team Leading


Team Leading is a good way to help you progress to a higher level within your organisation as it gives you an idea of what it is like to manage a team, also it is a funded apprenticeship. Many employers choose to put their staff on the programme if they have started to take on more duties and directing others in the organisation. This is also only a 12 month course which gives you the chance to progress to a management level 3 course.

The course covers a wide variety of commercial markets, with companies recognise the skills and competences of learners in the workplace, it provides an individual with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to progress in a career in management and leadership. The Level 3 management apprenticeship should be for learners in supervisor/ first line management role.

Some of the tasks expected to complete the apprenticeship depending on the level include:

- Management Personal Development

- Develop working relationships with colleagues

- Communicate Information and Knowledge 

- Set Objectives and provide support for Team Managers

- Plan, Allocate and monitor work of the Team

- Support Team Members in identifying, developing, and implementing new ideas

- Manage conflict in a team

- Lead and Manage Meetings 

- Make effective decisions 

- Manage Knowledge in own area of responsibility 

The Team Leading Level 2 apprenticeship is now a combined qualification with a total of 40 credits.

The Management Level 3 apprenticeship is also a combined qualification with a total of 55 credits.

For more information on the course or to book an appointment to discuss it further please ring the office number.