Safeguarding is a term which refers to protection of children, it relates to action we take when taking in to account the welfare, wellbeing and protection of children.

It is everyone's responsibility to Safeguard young learners, it protects young people from:

- Maltreatment 

- Preventing impairment of young people's health and development

- Ensuring children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care

- Taking action to ensure children have the best outcomes

There are Charities set up to work with vulnerable groups and young people that must act in their best interest and ensure all precautionary  steps have been taken to prevent them coming to any harm. 

When Safeguards are put in place within an organisation it not only promotes the welfare of young people but also boosts the confidence they have with their staff, assessors and the general public.

If you feel you or anyone you know may be taken advantage of or are unhappy please contact us!

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